Tour activity levels

All of our trips require at least minimal walking, and some trips require more strenuous activities. As every individual is different, please contact us directly to talk over the tour activity level if you have any mobility concerns. You are responsible for judging your own capacity and ability to participate in tour activities without delaying or infringing upon the progress of the trip or the other tour participants. On all of our tours, it is necessary for tour participants to be able to get in and out of the bus on their own, which involves climbing 3-4 stairs.
The limited use of a cane, walker of wheelchair may still allow you to participate in our tours, although we ask our participants to be aware that requirements for disability accommodations are different in Europe than in the US. We are able to accommodate manual wheelchairs for those who need them, as long as a physically able companion accompanies the tour participant to provide assistance. Travelers must be prepared for minimal walking in and out of hotels, rest stops, etc., since not all locations have ramps or handicap accessible facilities. We regret that the tour vehicles are not equipped with wheelchairs lifts or ramps and are not able to accommodate electric scooters.

Level 1

An engaging, yet relaxed schedule gives you some free time for R&R and a chance to rest up from the flight. These shorter tours (8-9 days) take place in temperate climates, during the times of year we visit, minimizing adjustments to weather conditions. No distance walking is required to explore sites in these tours. For those with limited mobility, they are also the easiest to navigate with a wheelchair or walker as the sites are all wheelchair accessible. A good example of this kind of tour would be the 8-day Pearl Harbor Tour, set in Hawaii’s sunny winter climate, with extra free time to explore and enjoy the sun at easily accessible sites.

  • Engaging, yet relaxed schedule
  • Shorter duration
  • Temperate climates
  • No distance walking required
  • Most sites wheelchair and walker accessible

Level 2

On tours such as the Beyond Band of Brothers Tour we maximize your travel time with a full dawn to dusk schedule, including pockets of free time. These medium-length tours involve a combination of continuous activity and exposure to new time zones, climates, altitudes and large amounts of new information that can be physically and mentally challenging. Although temperatures are usually mild, travelers should always be prepared with both rain gear and sun protection. The most strenuous day will include 2-3 hours of standing and slow-medium paced walking OR wheelchair assistance from an able companion; most days will simply require short walks at multiple sites. Not all sites can be fully accessed by wheelchair because of the natural terrain of untouched historic areas such as battlefields, foxholes in the forest, beaches, and cobblestone streets.

  • Full, yet relaxing days with some free time
  • Medium duration with some mental and physical activity
  • Rain gear and sun protection suggested
  • 2-3 hours of slow-medium walking on most days
  • Limited wheelchair and walker access at some sites

Level 3

This tour category includes medium-long tours (10-25 days) with planned activities from breakfast to dinner and segments of free time along the way. Although we avoid the winter season because of difficult weather conditions, summer can offer its own challenges with heat and humidity that can affect travelers adversely as they adjust to a new climate, altitude, time change and schedule with lots of walking in the open. We suggest being aware of your own physical limits and drinking lots of water while traveling. Many days involve walking and standing for most of the day, often in areas without convenient resting places and on rough surfaces such as battlefields or old city centers. Because of the challenges of many sites throughout these tours, use of wheelchairs and walkers is not recommended, as participation in the tour would be severely limited. The Central European Remembrance Tour is a good example of this type of tour, with walks through old city centers, castles, and former concentration camps nearly every day.

  • Full days with some free time
  • Medium to long tour with continuous mental and physical activity
  • Hydration, rain gear, and sun protection highly recommended
  • Up to 5 miles of slow-medium walking most days with some uneven surfaces
  • Wheelchairs and walkers not recommended due to distances and terrain covered

Level 4

These tours are medium to long (10-32 days) with activity from breakfast to dinner including free time here and there. Some tours are considered “Level 4” simply because they are longer, which can be physically and mentally tiring in a new environment unless one is physically fit and used to such activity on a regular basis. Because of the physicality of the tour, we encourage passengers to drink plenty of water and gauge their own abilities carefully from day to day to know if they need to step out for a day to rest. Walking distances of up to 5 miles on a daily basis, sometimes with stairs, steep hills, fields, or jungle-type terrain will be necessary in order to fully experience these historic sites. Wheelchairs and walkers are not suitable for these tours. The Italian Campaign Tour is an example of a tour where climbing and longing walking distances through ruins of Pompeii, Monte Cassino or San Pietro and other sites can be challenging.

  • Full days with some free time
  • Medium to long tour, mobility and mental energy needed for longer duration
  • Hydration, rain gear, and sun protection a must
  • Up to 5 miles of walking per day, including stairs, hills, and uneven surfaces
  • Includes many sites and terrain not suitable for wheelchairs and walkers
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